Australian Community Children’s Services – Advocating nationally for the right of Australia’s children to access quality, not-for-profit, community children’s services.

ACCS is the peak body representing Australia’s not-for-profit community owned children’s services and those who support the right of children to access these services. ACCS builds on the strong history of the National Association of Community Based Children’s Services (NACBCS) Est 1982.

Trends In Community Children’s Services 2019 Survey report released

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The report on the 2019 TICCS Survey is now available. This important research demonstrates that:
• More not-for-profit childcare services are high quality and fewer are poorer quality compared to services run for profit
• Not-for-profit services maintain or improve on their already high quality ratings
• Not-for-profit services have higher numbers of educators and teachers than they are legally required to
• Not-for-profit services have the major structural requirements needed to be nurturing early education environments


ACCS Responds to Senate Inquiry into Government Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

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ACCS has alerted the Senate to the strengths of the community early childhood sector that have sustained it through the pandemic when combined with the government business continuity payments. We also advised on the challenges alerted to us by our members and the significant variations across jurisdictions. We outlined the dangers of immediately returning to the previous funding arrangements and supported the transitional proposals developed by ECA in collaboration with ACCS and other national peak bodies.


ACCS Releases its Policy Platform for the Federal Election

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ACCS is putting all political parties on notice to show Australian families that they will protect and enhance quality in early childhood education and care if they win the next election.

The ACCS policy platform that calls for three crucial commitments from the next federal government:

• to commit to the National Partnership for the National Quality Framework in Early Childhood
• to build the skills of the educators in early and middle childhood services
• to ensure access and affordability of two full day per week of quality early childhood education and care for the children and families who have most to gain – those who are experiencing vulnerability

ACCS is also advocating for investment in the learning and development of children in the first three years of life, extending funding to three year old preschool programs in all settings, keeping children and families out of detention, protecting access for families experiencing vulnerability, continuation of the National Quality Framework and reintroduction of planning controls to prevent oversupply.


ACCS Supports the Call for Equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in the Early Years

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All children should be empowered to realise their potential and determine their own futures.

ACCS stands alongside over 40 leading child welfare, education and research organisations in endorsing the new position paper released by Early Childhood Australia and SNAICC–National Voice for our Children Working Together to Ensure Equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in the Early Years.

We are passionate about ensuring that every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child can access culturally appropriate early childhood education, and that families are empowered to access the support services they need so that their children can thrive.

We must work together to ensure equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the early years.