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ACCS Election Platform 2016

By 20 June 2016September 2nd, 2021No Comments

As the peak body advocating nationally for the right of Australia’s children to access quality, not for profit, community children’s services, ACCS calls on the major parties contesting the federal election to respond to our headline issues:

  • Increase the fee subsidy to 90 per cent of the full costs of early childhood education and care (ECEC) for low income families and 100 per cent of the full costs for children who are experiencing vulnerability or who are at risk
  • All children, including those of non-working parents, are eligible for subsidised ECEC for at least 2 days per week  – from a minimum of 18 hours up to 24 hours per week reflecting the operating hours of the service
  • Build a skilled and professional early childhood workforce – no HECS, free TAFE
  • No children and their families in detention in Australia or off-shore